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How It Works

How It Works

Submit your tournament

Host your tournament with us on our "Create A Tournament" page. Here you can set up the time, date, course, sponsors along with many other tournament options.

  • Add multiple golf registration types (sponsorships, foursomes or even for single golfers).
  • Ability to add your logo and tournament flyer to your own dedicated page on our site.
  • Add your tournament description and even embed video on your tournament page.

Launch Your Tournament

Now that your page is ready, it's time to sell "registrations" to your tournament. Everything from spots in the tournament to hole sponsorship will flow through our website.

  • Save time by having all golfers book through our website.
  • Save money with our low negotiated credit card rate.
  • Groups are created automatically as golfers pay, giving you the ability to move players around or add players manually.
  • Track your tournament income in real time as players continue to register and pay.

Search & Social Media Sharing

Turn your golfers into your own sales force with our social media share feature! Also, as we grow, more and more golfers will search for tournaments to play in on our website. The tournament search feature will give you more visibility and the ability to get more registered golfers.

  • Every golfer who books through our site will receive a prompt to share your tournament at checkout.
  • The ability to share on all major social media websites.
  • Your tournament will be listed in our search listings so more golfers will be able to find you and play.
  • Your tournament will reach many more potential golfers with these features.

Tournament Check In

On the day of the tournament, download and generate your check-in reports via PDF or CSV file. This will save you time and keep you more organized.

  • Easily see who has and hasn’t paid on check-in reports.
  • All reports are sortable so you can easily find each player alphabetically.
  • You can also keep track of the different products that were purchased on your Products Report. So you know exactly who purchased your custom mulligans, raffle tickets and other products.

Tournament Reporting

Managing your golf tournament just got easier with our integrated tournament dashboard. When you log in to the tournament you are managing, you will be able to see all the revenue in real time as well as being able to manage your foursomes with ease.

  • When it comes time to send foursomes to the course, just email them a simple report and it's done!
  • See reports detailing all the revenue for your tournament
  • Keep track of all player information to send thank you notes and invite them to next year's tournament.

Client Testimonials

Your platform saved me countless hours and frustration while running our golf tournament.

Thank you to the team! Your platform saved me countless hours and frustration while running our golf tournament. The site was easy to navigate and when I had questions, the customer support was fantastic!

- Mohit Mistry, Central FL Alumni Director of Golf

TournEvents made it much easier to manage.

TournEvents was incredibly easy to manage and streamlined our process. In the past information was incomplete and we had to track people down, TournEvents made it much easier to manage. We will definitely use TournEvents again.

- Maggie Hallgren, Director of Fund Development

The website has been great.

The website has been great and I only have probably done the bare minimum with what it can do. There was no way after seeing what I have used the site for that I would want to try to organize this on my own without a software program like

- Scott Nylander

The cloud based tools they offer for registration cater directly to what golf tournament organizers need.

TournEvents was a terrific addition to our golf tournament this year. They were great to work with and were very quick to respond to our needs. The cloud based tools they offer for registration cater directly to what golf tournament organizers need in order to simplify an otherwise burdensome process.

- Stefano Foggi, President – Florida League